New Book on Startup Marketing

I recently worked with Hyperink to publish a collection of the most enduring articles from my blog. We carefully curated and compiled the articles that will remain relevant to startups into the future.

This book builds on the original goal when I began blogging about startup marketing. At that time I couldn’t find books that offered useful guidance for a resource-constrained startup striving to achieve hyper growth. I knew I had many valuable lessons to share that I learned growing two startups to IPO filings and taking several more startups to market that are now worth billions of dollars collectively.

The book won’t give you a single silver bullet that makes success easy. Growing a startup is hard and the odds are stacked against all entrepreneurs. But this book will help you understand key growth principles and prioritize efforts needed to build a foundation that supports long-term sustainable growth. And when necessary, it will help founders hire the right kind of person to lead their growth efforts.

What makes a startup scalable? Why is product/market fit so important? What defines a “must have” product? What 3 common optimization failures can lead to a startup’s downfall? What’s the best business model for a startup’s goals? You’ll find the answers to these and other questions all in the book.

It is now available on Hyperink, which provides DRM-free copies in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats; Kindle; and Nook .

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CEO of Previous roles include first marketer at Dropbox, Lookout, Xobni, LogMeIn (IPO), and Uproar (IPO). Also interim marketing exec roles at Eventbrite, Socialcast, and Webs.

3 thoughts on “New Book on Startup Marketing

  1. Hi Sean,
    great, thank you very much for collecting these articles!! Totally looking forward to reading your book! Did I overlook something or does hyperink not offer any printed copies? I love to read printed books. If absolutely necessary I’ll buy the PDF and print it myself. But a printed book is definetly my favorite. Wasn’t there also some company specialized in offering print copies of ebooks? They should have read your blogpost on unforgettable names, or I would habe remembered 😉 Cheers! Timon