Bringing Your Product to Market

I’ve just completed a hectic week of marketing workshops with startups in the UK and Ireland.  There were insightful contributions from most of the attendees – the collective marketing discoveries of startups that conduct metrics driven experiments is amazing.

In Ireland we went deep in an all day session that included war stories from the founders and marketers that grew two very successful Irish companies – and Paddy Power. offers useful insights into an effective way to bring a “network effects” startup to market.  I’ll try to get permission from the team to write a case study.  Both companies provided additional validation to the recommendations in this post –

In other news, part 2 of my Venture Hacks interview is now live (bringing your product to market) – .  Nivi and I discuss what to do after getting to product/market fit.  I’ve blogged about most of this stuff before, but there are a few additional details that Nivi was able to extract through his insightful questions.

3 thoughts on “Bringing Your Product to Market

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  2. Sean: Just wanted to say that I got hooked on to your stuff after I read part 1 in venture hacks. Its really helped me improve the way I think of product development and launched. Great work – thank you for such amazing contributions to the startup community!

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