I’m Founding a Startup

In case you missed my Tweet on Aug 13th “Burn the boats – I’ve reached the point of no return and finally admitting I’m founding a new startup. Details soon.”

I didn’t really intend to become a founder, but was hit with an epiphany of a huge opportunity that I was perfectly suited to execute. I actually tried to push it out of my find for several days (my consulting practice has been fun/lucrative) but I kept having a nagging feeling that it had to be done. I shared the vision with a few venture capitalist friends and they quickly offered to fund it. I then received strong need validation from potential customers, which wasn’t surprising since the original epiphany had been based on engaging many potential customers.  Momentum has been strong ever since (though surely there will be course corrections along the way).

I’ll be on a blogging vacation for the foreseeable future…

17 thoughts on “I’m Founding a Startup

  1. Thanks Tom. This business will have a network effect, so I’m sure I’ll hit you guys up from some guidance.

  2. Good luck or as Germans say “Hau rein”, meaning something like: go kick .ss, Sean! Thanks for your posts and looking forward to hear (from others 🙂 about your new ventures and insights.

  3. Thanks Scott. I’ll be blogging again soon. In the meantime, people should be reading your blog!

  4. Thanks Denis. We’ll stay fairly stealthy until launch. It’s a business where the first company with critical mass probably owns it, so we want to run hard as soon as we unveil what we are doing.

  5. Sean, excellent choice! I just love it when “it” hits and the passion to make the world better in a very specific and felt way drives you forward. God speed.

  6. Sean, That is cool. http://LeanFounder is designed for new founders. I would love to get your feedback (and it may be useful for you as well). Let me know if you want to have a quick call to discuss your startup plans.