Pursuit of Marketing Perfection

Passion for perfection is usually associated with a sport like golf, basketball or tennis rather than a skill like marketing.  However, it is equally important for reaching greatness in marketing.   Given the immensity of the range of potential skills and knowledge in marketing, you are always fairly low on the learning curve.  Looking up that learning curve can be both daunting and exciting.  Marketers at every level are challenged (or delusional).

Passion is a key driver of the patience and energy needed to climb the learning curve.  Marketing improvement requires theoretical study and practice.  It’s good to read books, but unless you put that knowledge into practice it will be forgotten.  Also, too much focus in one particular area of the marketing continuum often means that rust builds up in other key areas.  After completing a marketing book, it’s good to integrate some elements into your overall marketing approach, but try to retain the balance of activities that have been effective in the past.

Regardless of the passion you bring, you’ll never come close to mastering marketing.  Sure, different parts of your approach will improve, but as soon as you think you have everything figured out – you choke.

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