Startups Need Guys Like Andy Grove (Former CEO of Intel)

Adam Smith, co-founder of Xobni, recently posted an excerpt on his blog from Andy Grove’s autobiography.

Adam’s excerpt¬†gives a glimpse into the determination that drove Andy Grove’s success.¬† As I posted in Adam’s comments, anything is possible when you want something badly enough.

2 thoughts on “Startups Need Guys Like Andy Grove (Former CEO of Intel)

  1. Hey Sean, I saw your comment on “how to save money running a start-up” by Calacanis. You wrote : “In recent years, I’ve gotten smarter about setting the right expectations up front – and I don’t care how senior the role is. 2 for 2 on launch to IPO filing, so I this approach seems to be working. The people who make the commitment have been very well compensated for their effort.” My question is – what’s “2 for 2”?

  2. Hi Guys,The 2 for 2 comment referred to leading two marketing teams from launch to IPO filing (on two VC funded attempts).  Surviving the early years of a startup is an enormous challenge and takes a huge commitment from the entire team.  Helping new hires to understand the required commitment up front is essential and I believe played a role in my ability to build strong, cohesive teams.  Hope this answers the question.  Sean