Quick thoughts from TC 50: ToonsTunes

I’m at TC50 and plan to write quick thoughts about demos that catch my attention.  This is very “on the fly” so it will be pretty rough. I’ll try to clean it up later.   Videos of the demos will be posted online, so I’ll add links when they are available.

ToonsTunes is my first…

  • Who needs it/why?(They claim to be targeting Tweens, but the demo looked like it would appeal to a younger demographic.  I think children 7-12 would probably enjoy this product, but would want to validate with research.)
  • Product progress? (Great graphics, looks well developed.)
  • Are they willing to pay for it/how/how much? (business model)
    • Freemium (enhanced), Sponsorship, Merchandise
    • I’d recommend premium subscriptions to save music
  • Are there realistic ways to acquire users within economic constraints? (marketing)
    • Viral (via parents social networks) – this is a great idea.
    • I’d also recommend marketing via popular sites for kids.
  • Is the likely cost of acquiring users plus marginal cost of service less than value per user? (business economics) – This would require a lot more exploration.  But I like their idea of giving parents the ability to display their kid’s work via FB, etc.  Not sure about licensing costs to music labels if they “borrow” from popular songs.