The Lean Startup Era?

Steve Blank and Eric Ries presented their lean startup approach to a very receptive crowd at last night’s Startup2Startup dinner in Palo Alto.   Here’s a link to the must watch video.

Highlight’s of of the presentation include:

  • Startups fail from lack of customer – not product failures
  • Fail fast and often on the path to success
  • Decide on a business model early
  • The correct customer development approach changes by market type

Following the presentation each table discussed the topics over dinner.  I was pleasantly surprised that  the entrepreneurs at my table had all implimented some form of customer development and agile development.

One thought on “The Lean Startup Era?

  1. I liked the part with “Startups fail from lack of customer – not product failures” – can not agree more! Great tips, thanks for sharing!