VP Marketing Compensation at Tech Startup

While working on recruiting the next marketing head at Xobni (either VP or director level), I stumbled across a great blog post on the typical compensation packages for VPs of Marketing at Tech Startups: http://www.mikevolpe.com/bid/3858/.  I haven’t downloaded the actual report which may provide more data (you can see it here https://www.compstudy.com/).

 Percentile   Cash Compensation  Stock Option %   
80%   $225,000  1.65%
60%  $200,000  1.25%
40%   $175,000  1.00%
20%  $160,000    0.75% 

Unfortunately Mike’s post doesn’t give many details on compensation by startup stage (I assume these probably weren’t available in the report either).  In my opinion pre-series A has more risk and should give the marketing VP more equity (all other qualifications being equal).  Also 1% of a pre-series A company is worth much less than 1% of the same company after the series C round (because of dilution).

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