Why We Use Marketing Acronyms (And Why We Should Stop)

Of course the stated reason that most marketers give for using acronyms is to “save time”.  But we all know it isn’t true. Marketing is so logical, that everyone thinks they can do it.  In fact most people probably can execute the basics.  The challenge is that too much “novice” involvement can be distracting and slow down progress.  Thus,  many of us speak in code.  Novice marketing hobbyists are intimidated by this secret language and stay out of our hair.

I’m often tempted to use this secret code because I agree – marketing hobbyists often are a pain in the ass.  Getting them up to speed takes time and means they are not focusing on their core responsibilities.  But a continuous flow of ideas – both good and bad – fuels metrics driven marketing success.  These ideas can come from anybody.  In fact fresh ideas are more likely to come from outside of the marketing department.  These ideas should be encouraged and tested.  It’s worth the time.  If you are using acronyms to save time, great.  But don’t use them around the marketing novices.  Figure out how to milk these guys for every idea they have.

One thought on “Why We Use Marketing Acronyms (And Why We Should Stop)

  1. Acronyms can confuse marketing journeymen too from time-to-time. I was in a meeting the other day where some marketers were talking about POS vendors. I only learned afterwards what POS actually stood for (point-of-sale). You can imagine what I otherwise thought. So remember that KISS means no acronyms…