My Slides from Steve Blank’s Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA Class

I spent a fun evening with Steve Blank’s class. Here are the slides from my guest lecture. There are a few additions to the slides I presented at Seedcamp last month in London. Slide 14 is new and there are major edits to slide 2.

9 thoughts on “My Slides from Steve Blank’s Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA Class

  1. Hi Dam,

    Unfortunately no video of the presentation… I’m teaching a free class on eduFire Monday. This class is full, but if it goes well I’ll probably do another one soon.


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  3. Sean, who exactly should take the survey? All your visitors, all your users or only your paying users?

    My site doesn’t have paying users but has users who did and did not purchased a service that got me an affiliate commission. Who should I survey?

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  6. Thanks for this blog post. I’ve been using as a tool for Customer Development recently and really love it.

    I went searching for extra insights into the data I was receiving and was very pleased to find your hard and fast rule:

    If at least 40% of your customers (or users) aren’t saying you have a ‘must have’ product – then you have a (product) problem.

    I’m disappointed I missed the last EduFire class – any chance of another one in the near future?


  7. Hey James, no plans to do another eduFire class in the foreseeable future. Glad the blog and have been useful for you.